S and Y Industries offers complete box-build and turnkey assembly solutions to streamline your custom electronic systems through the stages of prototyping and production.

We have dedicated customer-specific teams for performing final product assembly in conjunction with our precision-based product testing and inspection services. Our IPC-A-610 certified staff inspectors utilize our ISO-certified quality control processes to ensure the total functionality and reliability of your custom box builds and turnkey assemblies.

Final / Turnkey Assembly Capabilities with Full Production System Integration

At S and Y Industries, all of our in-house electronics production services are integrated to deliver the turnkey capabilities your application requires. Our box-build assembly solutions include:

  • PCBA
  • Housing
  • Power Supplies
  • Wire Harness
  • System Configuration
  • Functional and/or Burn-in Testing

If you can design it, our talented and dedicated staff can build it according to your exact vision and specifications.

Adaptive Customer-Centered Turnkey Solutions

Having the versatility and capability to provide a full-range of final assembly solutions, S and Y seeks to build specific programs tailored to our customers’ needs. We strive to deliver efficient electronic contract manufacturing services optimized for cost, quality and speed-of-delivery with your unique productions and applications.

Currently, our final turnkey assembly and box-build electronics solutions include:

  • Medical Devices
  • Telecommunications Devices
  • Outdoor Industrial Electronics
  • Environmental Control Unit
  • World-Class Photography Products

Our capabilities within final assembly are engineered around the custom needs of our customers. In all of our professional partnerships, we seek to develop streamlined turnkey production services that provide lasting value and contribute to the long-term success of your business while cementing S and Y Industries as your single-source electronics contract manufacturer.

S and Y Industries Delivers Total Turnkey Electronics Manufacturing and Box-Build Assembly Solutions

From product engineering to printed circuit board (PCB) and SMT assembly to precision-based product testing and inspections, S and Y Industries delivers a complete range of turnkey electronic manufacturing services.