Connecting with customers is vital to a successful relationship.  At S and Y, we have dedicated, customer specific Program Management staff that allows for a single point of contact within our facility.  All communication flows through the PM and he/she becomes a virtual extension of your operation.

Your PM is responsible for interpretation of customer documentation during the initial project review,  ensuring efficient communication with engineering staff to develop assembly procedures / manuals and any testing or inspection requirements tracking job status, and resolving problems that may come up during the process. In short, PM’s are a wealth of information and an excellent resource for our customers to utilize throughout the assembly process.

All S and Y Program Managers and Engineers are carefully screened and reflect a high level of experience and education in all manufacturing disciplines. Your PM provides close attention and monitoring of the following:

– Order Entry and Confirmation

– Expedites & Reschedule

– ECO Implementation

– Questions and Status

– Report Generation

– Customer Satisfaction

Above all, we ask and expect our Program Managers to communicate clear and concise information to our customers in a timely manner. We understand that our customers need open and honest communication from S and Y to ensure they can make decisions with the best information available. That’s what our PM’s provide.