-Going Above and Beyond

When it comes to our customers here at S and Y, this quote from Senior Vice President, John Foust says it all,

“We truly strive to be an extension of our customer’s office.  We don’t ask questions; we simply give them what they want, when they want it.  Seems like an easy concept, doesn’t it?”


Building a Relationship

Many of our customers have strict delivery, pricing and quality requirements.  We’ve built our business around this understanding and are prepared to assist in overcoming any challenges that arise.

S and Y Industries’ goal is to provide the most cost-effective/productive solution possible for the customer requirements.  We offer solutions directly or in collaboration with our customers to make sure that their specifications and requirements are being met.  S and Y Industries provides our clients ROI in numerous applications throughout many industries including aerospace, medical, industrial and commercial.

Being committed to our customer means that we must consistently be flexible.  We take the time to listen in order to meet a customer’s needs and make their goals a reality.  Each job at S and Y Industries is assigned a Project Manager (PM) who is responsible for everything from quoting, to ordering, to expediting, to shipment, including quality assurance and status reporting.  Our willingness to adapt to our customers’ needs and work closely with them creates strong, trusting relationships.